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Archive for January, 2010

Negative and Positive Aspects of Stress!!

Saturday, January 23rd, 2010

Today’s life is full of hassles, frustrations, deadlines and demands. Thus stress is common for most of the people. Stress is nothing but normal physical responses to the events that make you feel upset and threatened. However stress is not always taken in negative terms. In some situations, it may help you to perform under pressure, motivates you, and gives extra strength to defend yourself.

Here given below are the types, causes, and symptoms of stress-

Types of Stress-
People mainly experiences 4 types of stress i.e.


It is a type of short-term stress that provides immediate strength. Eustress occurs at the time of increased physical activity, creativity and enthusiasm. It is a positive type of stress that arises when inspiration and motivation are required.
It is a kind of negative stress occurs due to constant readjustments or alterations in a routine. Distress gives rise to a feeling of discomfort and unfamiliarity. Moreover distress is of two types:

• Acute stress: – This type of stress appears and disappears quickly.
• Chronic stress: – This stress is a prolonged stress which exists for weeks, months or even years.


It occurs when an individual is subjected to a situation beyond what she or he can handle. Thus when a person is hyper-stressed, even small things can trigger a strong emotional response.


It occurs when an individual is bored or unchallenged i.e. a factory worker or a bank clerk who performs repetitive tasks might experience Hypostress.

However the ability to tolerate stress depends on certain factors including your relationships, your attitude and outlook towards life, sense of control, support network, emotional intelligence, genetics etc

Causes of Stress:-

Stress arises due to certain factors which are either external or internal i.e.

External factors causing stress:-

• Financial problems
• Relationship difficulties
• Children and family
• Work
• Life changes

Internal factors causing stress:-

• Lack of assertiveness
• Pessimism
• Unrealistic expectations
• Perfectionism

Signs and Symptoms of Stress:-

Cognitive Symptoms:

• Concentration problem
• Poor judgment
• Memory problems
• Worrying constantly
• Always seeing the negative aspects

Emotional Symptoms:

• Irritability
• Moodiness
• Inability to relax, agitation
• Feeling of loneliness and isolation
• Depression

Physical Symptoms:

• Constipation or diarrhea
• Nausea
• Dizziness
• Chest pain
• Rapid heartbeat
• Lack of sex drive
• Pains
• Frequent colds

Behavioral Symptoms

• Irregular sleeping habits
• Bad eating habits
• Neglecting responsibilities
• Smoking, alcohol consumption
• Nail biting, pacing
• Staying in isolation

Dealing with Stress:-

You can overcome stress either by practicing yoga or meditation. However if you are looking for an easy way out which requires minimum efforts from your side then you can try some herbal supplement i.e. Good night blend. It is a completely natural and potent anti-stress medication eases muscle tension and agitation. Good night blend gives you mental and physical strength. This herbal supplement contains ingredients which have de-stressing properties. It ensures good quality of sleep for long hours.


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Arthritis Cure using natural Remedies…

Wednesday, January 20th, 2010

Arthritis is one of the most common disorders occurring due to over burdening (obesity) or due to various other reasons that disrupts the normal working of the body. Arthritis simply means inflammation of the joints, and the typical symptoms that patients experience include pain, stiffness and swelling.

Consequently these days, arthritis herbal curatives are being given preference to care for and contain arthritis. Being over-the-counter medications that are non-prescriptive and safe herbal curatives are more liked by patients.

A common variety of arthritis is Rheumatoid arthritis which can be characterized by pain, puffiness, tightness in the joints, especially during the mornings.
Prescriptive medications can only render temporary respite, however herbs are in a position to treat arthritis permanently. There are also a great many other arthritis herbal curatives that can help free you from all forms of pain and stiff joints.
Herbal remedies for Arthritis have distinct benefits:
• They not only help in the control of arthritis, but also help the circulation.
• In most cases, Arthritic patients endure no consequences from herbal curatives.
• On the whole, it is always advisable to go for arthritis herbal cures than other medicine, because they are safer, and supply the same outcomes if not better.

A complete life style incorporating particular diet plan, physical exercise and rest, along with the correct herbal supplement can help you lead a more aroused and secure life

For the ultimate outcome, include the best herbal supplement for Arthritis – Erbone and make arthritis an issue of the past. The natural herbs in this formula, will disallow arthritis to grow any further and help you lead a more aroused, pain-free, active and secure life.


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Natural Vs Synthetic Laxatives

Monday, January 18th, 2010

One of the most common gastro-intestinal ailments all over the world is constipation. It is characterized by infrequent evacuation of bowels. In this condition a person experiences hard feces that are difficult to expel. Constipation actually steals away the real enjoyment from life.

Today constipation has certain cures including laxatives-synthetic and natural, miscellaneous drugs, suppositories, enemas etc. out of these laxatives are widely used by most of the people. As given above laxatives are of two types- synthetic and natural. Synthetic laxatives are made up of chemicals that make defecation easy for a person i.e. lubricant laxatives, emollient laxatives, hyperosmolar laxatives, saline laxatives, stimulant laxatives. However natural laxatives which consist of natural ingredients help trigger the peristaltic effect on large intestine to get rid of digested residue.

Moreover there are many advantages of natural laxatives over others i.e.

• Natural laxatives strengthens the colon
• Other laxatives have physical dependency unlike natural laxatives
• Safe for usage
• No fatal side-effects like stomach cramps, diarrhea etc
• It also helps in colon cleansing
• Natural laxatives cause no harm to the intestine like irritation. On the other hand synthetic laxatives may results in cathartic colon
• There is no weight gain in case of natural laxatives

Thus it is safe and better to use natural laxatives instead of others. ErboLaxa is one such natural laxative which completely ends the constipation problem. It regularizes the bowel movements and improves digestive functions. ErboLaxa is made up of highly useful, potent herbs i.e. Plantago ovata, Cassia angustifolia, Terminalia bellirica etc. These herbs add bulk and water to your stool thereby making bowel movements easier.

ErboLaxa is completely safe to use and has no short-term and long-term nasty side-effects. ErboLaxa is a clinically tested laxative formula benefiting millions worldwide.


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How to Last Longer in Bed and Delay your Ejaculation using natural techniques…

Thursday, January 14th, 2010

There are many men who have problems with delaying ejaculation. For those men who have trouble withholding orgasm, there is plenty of help along the way.

Foreplay is your best weapon to delay premature ejaculation.
For a lot many guys simply masturbating an hour or so before having sex can greatly increase the amount of time it takes for them to ejaculate.
Since ejaculation is a reflex in your body that’s controlled by the involuntary nervous system, you can learn to control it. Besides, the start-stop technique, the squeeze technique or practicing Kegel exercises to train your PC muscle are very popular and effective natural ways of delaying ejaculation and lasting longer. However, utmost care should be taken and these exercises should be performed correctly.
Stay away from all foods which are injected with extra hormones, which can agitate your problem with premature ejaculation further so that you can’t last nearly as long as you would like to.
You must learn how to control your arousal right from the beginning. This can be achieved by focusing NOT on intercourse but on the entire sexual experience.

Once you have ruled out medical conditions and lifestyle habits, help can be on the way. If you’re looking out for a permanent cure that does not possess any side effects, then natural Herbal solutions are the way to go. Prasex is an herbal solution that treats premature ejaculation safely. It permanently ends the pain and embarrassment of premature ejaculation.


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Natural Aid to Get Rid of Stress!!

Thursday, January 7th, 2010

According to the recent research, every 1 out of 2 individuals suffers from stress now days. Stress is an unavoidable part of life which makes a person constantly nervous and depressed. In most of the cases stress results in emotional and physical disasters however in some it motivates an individual to achieve higher goals. Stress is defined as a personal emotional and physical response towards pressure from his environment or from within himself.

Stress is mainly of 4 type’s i.e.

 Eustress: – A positive type of stress which occurs during motivation or inspiration i.e. at the time of creativity, eagerness and physical activity

 Distress: – When there is continuous change or readjustment in a routine, a negative stress arises which is known as distress. It results in discomfort and embarrassment. Moreover distress is of two types:

Acute stress: A powerful type of stress that appears and disappears quickly. Acute stress occurs for a short period of time.

Chronic stress: This type of stress occurs for weeks, months or even years.

Hyper stress: – Hyper stress arises when a person is forced to handle things beyond what she or he can handle. In such situation, even small things may trigger a powerful emotional response.

Hypo stress: – It occurs when an individual feels bored or unchallenged.

Stress and Health

Stress has a deep impact on an individual’s health especially in case of chronic stress. A person suffering from chronic stress experiences constant headaches and increased sensitivity to cold. Some of the other stress-related illnesses include:

 Heart diseases
 Migraine headaches
 Hair loss
 Depression
 Peptic ulcers
 Sexual dysfunction
 Obesity
 Ulcerative colitis
 Anxiety disorder

Stress Management

In order to get rid of stress, stress management is required. It can be controlled by some of the following practices:

Sleep Properly: To stay healthy and fit a person should take a sound sleep for 6-7 hours per day. It will help you to reduce stress significantly.

Yoga: Meditation or yoga improves overall health and makes a person more calm. So, whenever you feel depressed, you should try meditation.

Herbal medication: These medications are BEST to try as they are completely safe with no side-effects. Numerous herbal anti-stress supplements are available in the market with an iron clad money back guarantee that ensures their effectiveness like Allevia. Allevia aids in relaxation by combating anxiety. Its all natural ingredients improve concentration and reduce mood swings. Allevia will make you feel emotionally and physically strong.


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Horny Goat Weed – A Powerful male Aphrodisiac to Boost Libido!

Thursday, January 7th, 2010

Horny Goat Weed has been popular as an herb to enhance libido, increase sex drive and atop impotence. Horny Goat weed works on 4 levels to increase and enhance libido and cure erectile dysfunction. The title horny goat weed is a collective noun for the herbal plants from epimedium species, originated from the forests of China and Korea. Epimedium is a natural alternative for Viagra. Horny Goat weed brings you in a state of excitement and keep you there for several hours. By dilating blood vessels and improving circulation it increases sensitivity and functionality of sexual organs.

Horny Goat weed increases the Nitric oxide level which is absolutely vital to the erection process. Besides, it restores low levels of testosterone thus improving sex drive. It also reduces the Cortisol levels as an increased Cortisol level causes fatigue and stress, so it works to reduce fatigue and replenish energy levels. It also promotes a strong flow of blood around the penis to gain firmer erections. And last but not the least; it helps in Inhibiting PDE5 that is required for maintaining and sustaining an erection for a longer period of time.

Horny Goat Weed is simply one of the best natural libido enhancers that boost libido and promotes a harder, longer lasting erection. This clinically proven herb benefits not only your sexual wellness but will also benefit your overall health.

The best form of Horny Goat weed is available from the website – www.erbolab.com. Aphrodisiac Horny Goat Weed supplement has the ability to reach multiple orgasms time and time again along with producing perfectly solid erections, increased stamina, and enhanced performance.


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How does Acai Berry Aid in Weight loss?

Sunday, January 3rd, 2010

The Acai fruit is found deep in the Amazonian rain forests of Brazil and it has a rare combination of carbohydrates, omega3 and omega9 fatty acids, as well as rich body building proteins.

Acai berry is rich in fatty acids, fiber, antioxidants and other substances that your body needs in order to keep bodily functions at their peak. Acai berry contains fiber which significantly helps your digestive system to function better. The abundant amount of fiber helps in curbing the natural cravings and the excessive appetite.

Acai berry can be helpful in turning your stored fats into muscles. Besides, it causes your metabolic rate to increase, which in turn increases the chances of your body burning its fat content four folds. The best part of regularly consuming Acai Berry Supplements is that you can maintain that lost weight for as long as you desire. People who add Acai berry to their diets also often report feeling more energetic. You will have more energy to be active, which also helps to burn fat. Many people who use Acai for weight loss have reported that they lose up to 80 percent more weight than people who don’t use the extract. It has already proven itself to be the most effective natural fat Burner.

Acai berry weight loss is easy to get started with. When you eat a balanced diet and get plenty of exercise, Acai will reward your efforts even more.


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Protect Your Liver Naturally!!!

Sunday, January 3rd, 2010

The Liver is one of the most important organs.. It is located just under your rib cage towards the right side of your abdomen.

It is important to maintain a healthy liver as mostly everything that we eat, drink, and breathe eventually passes through your body and reaches your liver. Liver dysfunction occurs from disease, diabetes being the most common. It is also affected by alcohol and drug abuse and it may also be damaged as a side effect of some drugs or treatments like chemotherapy and radiation.
Maintaining liver health is of vital importance for good digestion and hormone balance.

How to Have a Healthy Liver Naturally!
Reduce consumption of foods with artificial chemicals, artificial ingredients, artificial colorings, and preservatives.
Your daily fiber intake should be is 25-30 grams. Avoiding excessive amounts of alcohol is important for good liver health. Foods that may be good for liver health include foods that are good at cleaning the liver such as garlic. Besides, eating a well balanced diet limiting habits such as drinking or smoking can help the liver to remain healthy and in good working order.

Liver cleanse Natural Supplements!!
If you are looking out for a safe and effective liver cleanse, there are many dietary and herbal supplements that might help. Too many toxins can overwhelm the liver and cause damage. The best way out of this situation would be a natural liver supplement. ErboLiv, the liver cleansing herbal supplement contains the best & effective vitamins & safe natural herbs to maintain healthy liver and healing.


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