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Thyroid and Hair-Loss Problems

Hair Loss is one of the very common problems faced by people of all age groups. Unhealthy scalp is usually the result of unhealthy food habits. In most cases synthetic medication cause nasty side effects that can further lead to loss of hair. In some cases, the hair strand becomes very brittle very easily. Smoking, alcohol, stress, poor nutrition all causes hair loss problems. In some cases, pregnancy can also cause harsh hair loss.

Let us analyze the relation between thyroid disorders and hair-fall problems. There are many reasons which can hair loss and one of them is thyroid. The major reason is the prescription medications that are prescribed for thyroid treatment. For some person the prescribed medication might produce various side effects. The main side effects of thyroid treatments are hair-loss. For some persons, the use of such medications can lead to a drastic loss of hair.

Apart from hair-loss, other side effects of thyroid treatments can include weight loss. Unfortunately, medications prescribed by doctors are effective for keeping thyroid under control but it can lead to hair fall.

If you are under thyroid medications, then you can start natural hair therapeutic methods or natural supplements. The natural way of combating hair loss is one of the most preferred in today’s times. Besides, just massaging the scalp with oils is also proven to be very effective. Oils like prim rose and lysine oils massaged on the scalp in circular motions for at least half an hour is also very effective. It improves the blood circulation and thus makes the hair follicles very strong so that it cannot break off easily. You can also put a warm towel over the head for some period of time as it greatly increases the absorption of the oil in to the scalp.

When we talk about the nutritional supplements, foods that are rich in zinc also prevent hair loss. Consume more of bananas and dates that are best sources of zinc. It helps in the prevention of hair loss.

Natural medications that can be used for combating hair loss problem is Erbonax. It is a non-prescriptive medication that is highly effective. For more details visit the website – www.erbolab.com/erbonax.php

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