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Archive for January, 2012

The heart and Erectile Dysfunction

Monday, January 23rd, 2012

Erectile Dysfunction or male impotence is a sexual disorder characterized by the inability to maintain or sustain an erection long enough for a satisfying sexual act. ED can be caused due to psychological factors, drugs, diabetes and a host of other causes. One factor essential to achieve a healthy erection, is the cardio-vascular system. This involves the arteries and veins in the body. Thus the cardio-vascular system plays an important role in this process. On sexual arousal, the arteries to the penis open up and permit more blood flow. Simultaneously, the valves in the veins block to keep this blood in the penis. Through the course of sexual arousal, the cardio-vascular system goes on pumping blood to the penis and thus an erection is produced and sustained. The continuous blood pumped from the heart helps sustain the erection. This way an erection is produced and controlled.

A weak cardio-vascular system would produce negative effects on one’s erections; especially if there are some hindrances in the vasculature to the penis. By exercising moderately, such as running or jogging, it would improve cardio-vascular health.

If however you are already suffering from Erectile Dysfunction, it is essential to seek help before it gets too late. Be being physically active and taking natural ED supplements, you can alleviate Erectile Dysfunction. Natural pills increase blood circulation to the penis which causes harder and longer-lasting erections without side-effects. For more details on natural erectile dysfunction treatments – visit the website http://www.erbolab.com/ergo-v.php

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Stop Nicotine Craving and Quit Smoking

Monday, January 23rd, 2012

Quit smoking… because there are a number of reasons to do so. A lot of smokers today have gone to various extent to quit smoking and stop nicotine cravings, however not all of them have succeeded in reaching their goals. A lot of them face the so called withdrawal symptom in which they relapse back to their previous habit soon after they are stressed. For a lot of people, quitting smoking is not that easy. The reason being it is a habit that has been formed for a while and now they are addicted to it and feel comfortable in it. The addiction and habit makes their body seem to think that it needs the nicotine.

Most of the smokers today are very well aware of the negative effects that smoking causes to the body. Smokers realize that if they do not quit smoking they will be less healthy and will face a shorter life. Common effects of smoking are breathing problems, wheezing and coughing, also affecting the sensors of taste and smell. Premature ageing, bad breath, teeth and fingernails staining are also common effects that cannot be ruled out. Smokers who do not give up on smoking at the right time look much older too. Besides, long-term effects of nicotine include the threatening lung cancer or lung disease. Statistics indicate that over 2,000,000 premature deaths are caused due to heart disease amongst smokers in the year 2000. A significant number of smokers are increasing with every passing year. Awareness and prevention is the key to living a good life. The lungs are the main organs for breathing. If you do not quit smoking, the prime organs of your body will fail to function effectively causing a lot of negative effects. Smoking can also cause infertility in both men and women.

Now coming to the main point, why is it so difficult to get over nicotine cravings? Remember Nicotine is very addictive. Each cigarette contains about 10 milligrams of nicotine. Because the smoke is inhaled, only 1 to 2 milligrams of the drug is inhaled. Nicotine is not regulated by the body. Nicotine activates ‘cholinergic’ neurons that give smokers the same rush as endorphins. Thus people find it difficult to quit smoking easily. However, it is important to note that a cigarette does more harm and hence an effective treatment solution should be taken to control its urges. Natural herbal supplements are the most preferred form of stop smoking alternative today. Stop nicotine craving and quit smoking forever with natural herbs. For more details, visit the website http://www.erbolab.com/nicofree.php

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Premature Ejaculation natural solution that work

Friday, January 13th, 2012

Prasex is a natural non-prescription medication to treat premature ejaculation in men of all ages. It is one of the most preferred natural solutions to delay ejaculation. The success rate of Prasex is also very remarkable.

How does Prasex help treat Premature Ejaculation?
Prasex belongs to the family of herbs. The natural drug helps you delay ejaculation by triggering hormones in the hypothalamus of the brain. Just as you are about to ejaculate, your brain sends a reflex signal to your genital area through the central nervous system. When the secretion of the hormone serotonin is inhibited, reflex action is delayed, and thus you are better able to control your ejaculation.

Is Prasex side-effect free?
Yes. This supplement is made with the finest blend of pure herbal extracts that are known since ages for their efficacy in treating PE without any side-effects. Moreover, it does not cause uncomfortable after-effects for you. Prasex is non-addictive and does not have a sedative effect; so you can easily get over your problem of premature ejaculation without any hassles.

Natural PE Pills regulate sexual excitement by working on the hypothalamic centers of the brain. Your ejaculation is controlled when the hyper activity of the hypothalamic receptors is lowered. For more details on natural premature ejaculation treatment, visit the website www.erbolab.com/prasex.php

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Reverse Diabetes the natural way

Friday, January 13th, 2012

If you are a diabetic, you should start taking steps to reverse it early on. If however you don’t currently have diabetes, then the following necessary changes brought about in your life can go a long way in helping you keep diabetes at bay.

It is essential to keep your BMI below 25, as going above that would imply that you are overweight which is unhealthy.
Avoid sedentary lifestyle.
If you are genetically predisposed to diabetes, regular tests would help ensure that can get over it at a very early stage.
Indulging in excessive Junk food which is refined and processed needs to be limited.
Bring down your habit of cigarette smoking and keep your diet low in Cholesterol and triglycerides and at the same time, avoid high stress levels

Following these simple steps would ensure that the disease does not worsen and reversing diabetes would be much easier.

If you are already diagnosed with diabetes, it’s still never late to bring about positive changes in your life.

Taking the following steps would help you bring your diabetes under control if you already have it:
Your body weight plays a very vital role so getting to your ideal body weight becomes very essential
Start exercising at least three to five days a week. Moderate exercises for at least 15-20 minutes would also help you manage your diabetes well
The intake of Carbs should be limited, eliminate all processed and refined carbs and drink a lot of water
Say no to stress through breathing exercises, yoga, or find a hobby

In addition to making lifestyle changes, you can also take herbal supplements that are most popular these days and are a preferred option due to their safety and effectiveness. If you are diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, a change in lifestyle and herbal medications will help you reverse diabetes naturally. The effects of diabetes can be debilitating and life-threatening but you can always prevent its negative effects by following a healthy life.

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Long Term Solutions to keep erectile dysfunction at bay

Friday, January 6th, 2012

For many men, having a proper erection is very essential. There a lot of men that face difficulties in maintaining an erection. Erectile dysfunction can make a man unhappy and causes problems in relationships. A lot of times, erectile dysfunction is unforeseen. On one day a man may have healthy libido while the next time he may see himself suffering from impotence and erectile dysfunction.
Since the causes of erectile dysfunction are many, a combination of exercises and natural solutions would do the trick.

The best way to achieve long term benefits is by using natural solutions designed to treat erectile dysfunction. There are many herbal libido enhancement supplements that are easily available these days. The dosages of herbal boosters vary. Some are stronger having different properties. With these herbal solutions, you will notice a boost in sexual energy and stamina for long. You would be able to sustain erections for much longer along with noticing an improvement in blood circulation and testosterone levels. Researches state the importance of herbal libido supplements as the best solution to overcome erectile dysfunction problems.

Besides the physical and psychological causes of erectile dysfunction, other causes for a decline in libido include the toxins that we take in throughout our lives through intake of food, alcohol, medication and drugs.

Herbal supplements along with a proper detox program are quite effective in solving ED problems especially if the main cause of your ED is caused by toxin build-up. Once your liver is healthy and is free of toxins, you will feel far better both sexually and physically. Also exercising moderately is beneficial to your health. Men who work out on a regular basis have higher testosterone levels than those who don’t. Erectile dysfunction is very common amongst the young and old. However, going in for a natural solution is the most effective solution for long term benefits.

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Treat Woman Sexual issues naturally

Friday, January 6th, 2012

It is not only the men who suffer from sexual dysfunction. Even though with the popularity of Viagra, men sexual health is usually highlighted, women too are just as likely to experience libido and sexual problems. Female sexual arousal disorder (FSAD) is very common these days. Women with libido problems show a disinterest in sex, mainly because of their inability to get sexually aroused. The fact to remember is that the problem is not long-lasting and can be easily treated with the help of natural solutions. Other reasons are attributed to not enough lubrication. Vaginal dryness is also very common with FSAD. The causes of vaginal dryness are varied including menopause.

There are numerous psychological causes too such as sexual trauma during childhood or adolescent that can lead to FSAD. Besides, suffering from a poor self esteem could affect a women’s ability to show sexual interest. Blood circulation problems disrupts the blood supply to the genitals, leading to vaginal dryness reducing the possibility of orgasm and brings about sexual libido problems, A lot of women seek counseling for their sexual problems if their cause is psychological, or go in for natural female sexual enhancement supplements. There are numerous female libido enhancers that have proven benefits to improve blood flow to the vagina, thus improving sensitivity and treating problems like lubrication and vaginal dryness. Herbs that have been known since ages for their benefits to increase sexual arousal in women are commonly used today in the form of supplements.

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Exposing Acai Weight loss Secrets

Monday, January 2nd, 2012

Acai berry is a fruit that has captured the attention of entire nation because of its numerous benefits. Noticing the incredible benefits of this amazing fruit, a lot of companies have come up with supplements and products based on the Acai berry fruit. Acai berry supplements can be taken in the form of pills and juices and are known for their numerous health advantages.

However, the greatest benefit of Acai is weight loss. Researches indicate that the darker the Acai fruit, the greater its nutritional benefits. The Acai berry is rich in antioxidants and fiber which help regulate your blood cells. Acai berry consists of numerous nutrients like amino acids, carbohydrates, and a lot more that speeds up the metabolism process. Moreover, it also aids in digestion and bowel movements. It clears accumulated waste in the colon which also ensures effective weight loss.

Being all natural, the Acai berry has been used for many years and is now clinically approved and tested for its superior benefits. The supplement provides essential minerals and vitamins that renews your bodily processes and improves overall health.

Acai is also known to regulate cholesterol levels and prevents arthrosclerosis. Whether you are young or old, Acai Berry supplements is especially beneficial to all. Undeniably Acai berry is considered to be the king of all fruits because of its multiple benefits.

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Get the maximum benefits out of Resveratrol

Monday, January 2nd, 2012

Resveratrol is a well-liked and beneficial antioxidant. Found in red grapes, peanuts and wine – this polyphenol has garnered a lot of attention due to its health benefits. Resveratrol is hailed as one of the best anti-aging breakthroughs. One of the most debated issues is the best dosage of Resveratrol that can yield maximum benefits.

At first it may seem tempting to just eat grapes and drink red wine to derive all the benefits of Resveratrol. Even though grapes and wine have their share of health benefits, you would need to drink many bottles of wine per day to obtain the best dosage of Resveratrol as documented in studies! Thus, if you want to get adequate amounts of Resveratrol you will need to consume it in supplement form.

Pure Resveratrol Supplements –The need of the hour
A visit to the drug store will show you all the different varieties of Resveratrol supplements. The problem is that the purity and efficiency of these supplements can vary significantly. An effective Resveratrol product is the one that contains only Resveratrol and not added chemicals. If you see other ingredients along with Resveratrol mentioned in the ingredient panel, you should not buy those supplements. It is vital that the product contains 99% pure Resveratrol because that would assure no side effects.

The link between Resveratrol Dosage and its Purity:
Once you have found the right product you can then examine its dosage. Studies state that the right Resveratrol dosage varies somewhere between the range of 300mg – 500mg per day. At a dosage of around 250-500mg you will encounter the multiple health benefits of Resveratrol. At the same time do not resort to mega doses (500mg and up) as it can have its share of negative effects.

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