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Healthy ways to stay free of Acne

Thursday, March 29th, 2012

Acne is a major cause of concern for most teenagers. It is not only a physical condition but also leaves a deep emotional impact. Acne Vulgaris is caused when the pores of the skin become clogged with sebum, bacteria and dead cells. This is common in adolescents due to hormonal changes which trigger the excessive secretion of sebum by the sebaceous glands. Acne affects self- image and self-esteem. The person loses confidence and starts feeling bad about oneself. Teenagers should understand that this condition is very common and should try to treat it in a healthy manner.

Here are some of the healthy ways of cure acne. First and foremost, cleanliness is very essential. Washing your hands and face frequently with mild soap or just plain water to reduce bacteria and remove excess oil and dead cells. Avoid touching your acne zits. This will help keep acne at bay to a great extent. Never ever try to squeeze or pick on your acne as that would only worsen the problem and will leave a permanent mark. Good nourishment is also required for a healthy skin. Eating good food with lots of greens and low fat and drinking plenty of water will improve your skin’s elasticity and bring about that glow. Sleeping for at least 6-8 hours is also necessary to maintain a healthy skin. Daily physical activities in the form of moderate exercises or stretching are also essential for healthy skin as it increases blood circulation and brings about more oxygen to the skin. Relaxation techniques like meditation and yoga are also very helpful.

There are so many proven herbal supplements for acne today. Creams and chemical treatments are harmful to the skin as they provide only temporary relief. They usually contain ingredients that are harsh on the skin and thus increase skin-inflammation. Herbal supplements on the other hand are made of all natural herbs that are mild on the body. They work from within your body to improve blood circulation and thus keep acne at bay forever. Personal hygiene and the appropriate natural treatment solution is the best way to go about for maintaining a clear skin. To know more, check website http://www.erbolab.com/erboderma.php

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Herbal Solutions for Acne!!

Wednesday, December 9th, 2009

Having acne can be a miserable experience to have to endure. Acne is one embarrassing problem that most people deal with once in a while. A lot many people are considering a natural acne treatment to deal with those unwanted pimples on their face. Acne is caused by impurities in the skin and body. Thus, internal cleansing may be the way to get rid of acne or to at least keep it under control. And herbal remedies are known to do just that. The advantages of natural acne treatment are that it not only attacks the visible symptoms but treats the internal causes of the acne. These types of cures utilize herbs that nourish and heal vital organs and also aid in internal cleansing.

Herbal preparations and topical preparations that have been shown to be effective for Acne work by preventing the toxins from finding their way out of the body through the skin’s pores which leads to acne breakouts. Herbal Acne pills seem to be the best solution because they are made with natural ingredients including different herbal compounds which all work together to help remove the pimples from the inside out. Herbal Acne pills work with the blood vessels first, getting rid of all the toxins and bacteria and then come up to the surface of our skin and cleaning up all the oil and bacteria on our faces. This lowers the chances of having acne reappear in the same area considerably.

Herbal acne pills over all are a good substitute to creams and face washes in helping clean up our skin. The best example of natural herbal pills is ErboDerma – It is a highly recommended herbal pill in fighting acne and removing the scars of the skin. It reduces inflammation and acts as an effective detoxifying agent.


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Want to stop your Acne? Try herbal supplements!

Thursday, April 9th, 2009
Acne can be cured with herbal remedy

Acne can be cured with herbal remedy

Is Acne making your life impossible? Did you ever think about herbal supplements to treat this problem? Nature gives us the opportunity to provide a better health to everyone without going on chemical treatments that can have serious side effects.

Where and when it’s possible, it’s always better to try natural supplements before going on medicines – sometimes they can provide wonderful solutions.

We are very keen in providing a better life style and eager to talk about a herbal supplement that has been proven to work on Acne problems.

The Erbolab Laboratory has studied a powerful 100% herbal blend treatment that can help remove Acne for ever from your face.

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