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Erbolaxa – Factors causing constipation and ways to tackle them

Saturday, September 20th, 2014

Constipation is a common problem that everyone will face at one time or another in their life. As we grow older, the chances of getting constipated increases. At around the age of forty, most people seem to face this problem. People in this age bracket usually have a very busy schedule, and there is typically less time for them to eat well, and maintain a good schedule of exercising. Wrong food choices and bad eating habits are common causes of constipation.

Constipation is merely the incapability to release digested food from the colon. When the organs assisting the colon do not function effectively, they normally remove excess moisture and cause constipation or too little which gives rise to diarrhea.

Constipation can be an extremely painful state, involving stomach cramps, bloating, and stomach pains. At its worst, a blocked colon could result.

The environment we live in and our lifestyles also affect bowel movements. Stress and anxiety are major triggers which hamper normal body functions. As we face increased stress, the key organs fail to create the enzymes and gastric juices essential for healthy discharge of waste from the body.

Likewise, our bodies respond to the drugs we take. Coffee drinkers have a high frequency of constipation, since it is a stimulant which harms the body’s normal chemistry.

The best thing to ease constipation is to alter your eating habits. Foods that are high in fiber such as wheat and bran work wonders in the overcoming constipation and its recurrent occurrence. Lack of enough fluids, mainly water is also a significant contributor to constipation. Since we are always in a rush, we frequently forget to drink at least eight glasses of water each day. A healthy intake of water is a major factor preventing constipation.

Natural herbal laxatives are the best way to overcome constipation and other health problems. There are various herbs available that can aid you in overcoming indigestion and provide immediate and long-lasting relief.

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Fighting constipation with natural Herbal Laxatives

Monday, June 30th, 2014

Constipation does affect all of us at least sometime in our lives. It’s nothing to be afraid of. Constipation is simply our bodies cautioning us that our diet and everyday routine is causing an imbalance in our bodies. Sadly, it is a symptom that a lot of us decide to overlook or, worse yet; try to overcome it through unnatural and synthetic laxatives that can have serious side-effects.

Constipation differs from person to person. The first symptoms are usually irregular and infrequent bowel movements. Other common symptoms include abdominal pain, bloating, headaches, body odor, incomplete bowels, fatigue and weight gain.

Constipation causes could be linked to unhealthy diet and lifestyle. Inadequate fiber in the diet is also among the many factors causing it. Also, hormonal changes, lack of adequate water and stress could worsen constipation.

Hence, to maintain our bodies in good healthy balance, health professionals advise using 100% natural solutions to overcome constipation such as herbs that clean the colon in a natural peristaltic way. Herbal laxatives work wonders in maintaining body health and beating constipation all naturally.

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Overcoming Constipation through Herbal laxatives

Friday, April 11th, 2014

While not everybody will say but constipation does happen to most of the people at least once a while. It’s not anything to be afraid of either. It’s simply our bodies cautioning us that our diet and lifestyle is causing an imbalance in our systems. Sadly, it is a sign that many of us opt to ignore or, worse yet; try to do away with by using dangerous synthetic laxatives.

To maintain our bodies in good health, health professionals suggest using only natural remedies to alleviate constipation such as herbs and foods that supply the colon with nutrients. There are various herbal therapies revealed to be helpful in the healing of constipation. They work wonders in maintaining the body’s health.

Natural herbal laxatives help in overcoming constipation. In contrast to its drug counterpart, herbal constipation solutions control bowel movements naturally and function as a tonic to the liver, which helps in relieving constipation subsequently.

Herbal laxatives like Erbolaxa not only clear stagnant bowels in the colon but also improve liver and digestive health systems. This helps restore systemic balance and prevents persistent bouts of constipation.

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An Herbal aid to overcome Constipation

Friday, January 24th, 2014

Constipation is linked with three things, bowel pain, and irregular bowel movements. Commonly though, a person generally knows he is suffering from constipation if he undergoes symptoms like irregular and infrequent bowel movements, decline in the frequency of bowels difficulty passing bowels etc.

You should also remember that there are different causes of constipation. But in majority cases, people suffering from constipation have a few similarities in relation to their lifestyle habits like consuming unhealthy food, no physical exercise, lesser amount of fluid in the body and stress. However there are other factors too that can contribute to constipation. For instance, pregnancy can change your bowel habits and you may have some trouble passing stools effectively. A few medical conditions can also affect the easy passage of stools.

Alternatively, some people experience chronic constipation. This problem is in fact very hard to live with since you experience trouble in your bowel movements each time you use the bathroom. Yet, chronic constipation is quite simple to overcome if a person is dedicated to following a healthy lifestyle. In addition, herbal laxatives are an all natural way to enjoy relief from constipation. They naturally take heed of your problem without causing or generating any side-effects

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A total Solution for Constipation relief

Monday, December 16th, 2013

Constipation is usually recognized when bowel movement is hard, painful or infrequent. Constipation causes dry and hard stools wherein the walls of bowels cannot contract correctly and hence discharge of stool becomes difficult and painful. Whatever waste that is generated in the body requires to be flushed out daily if we are to have good health.

The best colon cleansers are the ones made from all natural ingredients and which are popularly used for effective constipation relief. For those busy people who find it difficult to maintain and sustain the right diet and keep a tab on their entire food intake, there is the option to use natural herbal laxative as an alternative. There are a lot of individual herbs which have been used since centuries to aid constipation. These herbs are useful in supporting and maintaining overall digestive health.

When your stools retain water, they are much softer and can easily be discharged through the colon. Harder stools are much difficult to pass and hence are painful. Bear in mind you should constantly consume adequate water and avoid caffeinated beverages. Check website www.erbolax.com to know more about natural constipation relief supplements.

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Leading a healthy lifestyle helps in overcoming constipation

Monday, August 19th, 2013

The way we live can have such a big impact on our general health. Our lifestyle can make us truly healthy, where we feel good and function well or it can cause us to get sick, and unproductive.

There are assured lifestyle factors that can play a big role in maintaining better health and serving as a natural constipation remedy. In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the major lifestyle factors that can help you remain fit and healthy.

1) Healthy Diet
Limit the amount of processed and refined foods, sugary and salty junk foods etc that all tend to affect normal bowel movements. Increase fibre intake as it regularises bowel movements.

2) Physical Movement
Computers, video games, and television are fun, but these factors can have a negative side-effect if resorted to all the time. It is referred to as leading a lazy and sedentary lifestyle.

A sedentary lifestyle is a main cause of constipation. Inactivity causes your bowels to get sluggish and constipated. On the other hand, exercise boots peristalsis (bowel contractions that moves stool along) and cleanses the colon.

3) Consume at least 8 glasses of water
One of the main reasons for constipation is having a dry stool. Insufficient water intake is the major reason for this problem. Try to consume plenty of plain water every day.

4) Herbal Laxatives
Herbal laxatives have laxative properties and fibre to promote easy digestion and body cleansing. Check website www.erbolab.com/erbolaxa.php to know more about natural constipation solution.

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Natural Ways to Overcome Constipation Effectively

Monday, April 8th, 2013

There are many natural solutions available to help you overcome constipation effectively that will help regulate bowel movements, overcome bowel irregularities and promote a healthier lifestyle.

Proper Food Habits
Dairy products, raw bananas, meat, fatty foods, processed foods etc are all common sources for constipation. They tend to hamper the natural rhythm of your digestive tract thus causing irregular bowel movements.

Reduce Stress
Being stressed can also cause constipation. Stress is harmful to the entire body; you can become tired easily, your immune system weakens causing problems to your gastrointestinal processes. Stress also causes food to stagnate in the intestines leading to constipation.

Regular Bowel movements
Not going to the bathroom when you feel like can upset your body’s natural processes. Hence it is essential to have a bowel movement every day at the same time for healthy digestion.

Herbal/Natural laxatives
Herbal Laxatives naturally help you maintain a chemical balance in your body to trigger proper bowel movements. Natural remedies make use of herbs that strengthen the colon. It is termed natural as it’s made of pure herbs and does not lead to any side-effects.

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Herbal Constipation Solution

Wednesday, January 9th, 2013

If you experience irregular constipation, this can be caused by inadequate exercising, an improper diet, and not enough fluid intakes. Persistent constipation can be due to digestive problems like irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), inadequate fibre, depression and other medical conditions. No matter the regularity or the cause of constipation, a lot of people don’t like to resort to harsh laxatives.

There are many herbal remedies available for constipation. To keep our bodies healthy, health professionals suggest using natural remedies to overcome constipation such as herbs that provide the colon with essential nutrients. There are a range of diverse herbal therapies shown to be helpful in overcoming constipation. They work wonders in keeping the body healthy and helping you get over constipation.

Natural laxatives are 100% herbal and hence free from side effects. Natural Laxatives also ensure smooth bowel movements. Besides they are very beneficial for treating constipation. Remember natural ones made out of herbs are the best way to help overcome constipation problem. Check website to know more about natural constipation www.erbolab.com/erbolaxa.php

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How can you overcome constipation naturally

Sunday, October 7th, 2012

Owing to the increasing number of people thriving on junk food, the sufferers of constipation is on the rise. Constipation is a common problem faced by persons of every age. Unhealthy diet and lack of fiber are the main causes of constipation. A fast paced life coupled with a sedentary lifestyle worsens the condition.

A lot of people resort to the use of laxatives to ease bowel movements; however these come with numerous side-effects and are often quite addictive. Some natural ways to kick-start a healthy bowel movement include:

Green leafy vegetables
A higher fluid intake
Keep away from junk food
Practice simple daily exercises
Sleep well
Herbal Laxatives/Natural anti-constipation supplements

Irregular bowel movements and constipation can make a person feel very uncomfortable, can cause bad breaths and appetite loss. Synthetic laxatives come with many side effects like bloating, loose motion, discomfort and dizziness. Therefore, before resorting to such drugs a doctor first needs to be consulted.

Natural herbal laxative for constipation, on the other hand are completely safe and effective as they are all natural. They do not require a prescription as they are made from 100% herbs that are natural laxatives. Herbs are extremely effective as they are free of side effects. To know more about natural laxatives to relieve constipation, check website for more details www.erbolab.com/erbolaxa.php

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Natural Constipation Solutions that work

Sunday, August 12th, 2012

A lot of people these days are looking for quick and natural constipation remedies. The embarrassing problem is very common and affects almost a fifth of the entire people nationwide. It is important to understand that constipation is a symptom and not a disease itself.

In most cases, this problem can be controlled using effective natural constipation remedies. Water is one of the easiest and best ways to keep constipation under control and ensure normal bowel movements.

Constipation occurs due to a number of causes, but one of the major reasons for it is lack of proper hydration. A lot of people neglect fluid intake in their daily diet, thereby causing chronic dehydration. To avoid chronic dehydration, one should avoid resorting to soft drinks and coffee to quench one’s thirst.

Obesity is another major cause of constipation, and a good intake of fluids goes a long way in helping you drop pounds. Another effective constipation remedy is exercise. Low physical activity makes one constipated. Hence people should give up on a sedentary lifestyle and increase their physical activity. At least half an hour of physical activity each day is very useful and important to keep one active and healthy.

Prunes are also very effective natural constipation remedies. They are not only very healthy and nutritious but are also very delicious. They are packed with essential vitamins and antioxidants that are good for your digestive health.

It is always recommended to use easy natural remedies for constipation as they are safe and do not cause side-effects. Natural constipation remedies are non-addictive and can be taken even over longer periods. Such remedies are made from proven herbs designed to quickly eliminate the symptoms of constipation.

Hence it’s always advisable to follow a healthy diet and consume a good amount of fluids and take in natural supplements to live healthy and enjoy good digestive health. Check website to know more www.erbolab.com/erbolaxa.php

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