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Latest Treatment Options Available to Treat Female Sexual Dysfunction!!

Monday, July 26th, 2010

low libidoFemale sexual dysfunction is a broad term used for a group of health illnesses that women face now a days when it comes to intimacy. It comprises of low libido or low sexual desire, pain during sex, difficulty in achieving orgasm etc. Though an array of treatment options are available with you to treat female sexual dysfunction but it is not necessary that these methods work well for all. It is because not all females have the same reason behind their sexual issue i.e.

Female sexual dysfunction Treatment Option #1- Drugs
When the sexual problem arises due to vaginal yeast infection then it is advisable to treat it with fungicide. Furthermore one should take appropriate hygienic measures to avoid relapses.
• If the female sexual dysfunction occurs due to cystitis or an STD, then the treatment with antibiotics will be beneficial. You can also apply steroidal cream on the vagina or vulva.
• If the sexual issue arises due to Vulvar Vestibulitis, then the application of estrogen cream and low-dose analgesics will be useful.

Female sexual dysfunction Treatment Option #2- Hormone therapy
This therapy is recommended to the females who suffer from low libido problem due to hormonal imbalance. In this therapy, estrogen should be given to the women who experiences decrease in sexual desire and vaginal dryness. Sometimes doctor may also prescribe testosterone.

Female sexual dysfunction Treatment Option #3: Surgery
Women who experiences stubborn coital pain are resistant to usual treatments. Thus for them vestibulectomy is mostly recommended. It is an effective and permanent solution to get rid of female sexual dysfunction

Female sexual dysfunction Treatment Option #4- Herbal Therapy or Supplements
Female sexual dysfunction can be permanently cured by natural female enhancers which are safe, effective and reliable. Though a wide range of natural female enhancers are available in the market which claims to treat female sexual dysfunction but very few helps you to overcome your sexual inhibitions quickly and safely due to the presence of high quality ingredients like Elax Libido. Elax Libido natural female enhancer enables you to combat all your sexual issues including low libido, painful intercourse, and orgasmic disorder naturally. It boosts female libido and heightens sexual sensitivity. This 100% safe and genuine female enhancer lubricates your vagina and makes you enjoy sexual intercourse. To know more about this powerful natural female enhancer, visit http://www.erbolab.com/elax.php

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