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Easy Ways to Stop Premature Ejaculation & Delay Ejaculation

Monday, July 1st, 2013

Premature ejaculation can put you in a very awkward spot. It is one of the most widespread male sexual problems and affects many people quite early in life. However, today there are many simple ways to delay ejaculation.

Practise Deep Breathing
Breathing in the right way helps delay ejaculation. You must have observed that you breathe heavily as you near the point of no return just before ejaculation. When you feel the action is getting powerful for you to manage, take a deep breath and hold it for 5 seconds before exhaling. This simple method will help your body and muscle relax during excitement. It is a sure and healthy way to delay ejaculation.

PC Exercises
These exercises are commonly used by men to delay ejaculation. PC muscles control the flow of urine and semen. Kegel is very easy to perform. You need to simply contract the PC muscles for a few seconds and then release it. Performing such exercises frequently will help you gain a better control over your ejaculations.

Natural or Herbal Supplements
In addition to the above easy methods, you can also rely on herbal or natural supplements. Natural supplements include highly potent herbs that not just blood flow to the penis but also trigger sexual stamina and ejaculatory control and helps you experience powerful orgasms. Moreover, high quality herbal supplements are clinically renowned and free of side effects.

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How to boost Female Libido Naturally

Wednesday, January 2nd, 2013

Millions of women face a drop in their sex drive especially post menopause. There can be many factors that can have an effect on sex drive in women. Some of them consist of stress, depression, fatigue etc.

One of the most basic causes behind low libido in women is hormonal changes during menopause. A decline in the production of estrogen, progesterone and testosterone not only causes a low sex drive but also causes other problems such as vaginal dryness.

For good sexual function in women, it is particularly significant to attain a balance between the three hormones. Any kind of unevenness is likely to produce sexual problems.

A decline in estrogen levels makes the vagina wall thin and dry. It is one of the main causes of vaginal dryness. Women facing itching in the vagina along with a burning sensation are its outcome. Things can turn really bad.

Besides, testosterone is a really significant part in female sexuality. It is the hormone that triggers sexual reaction. A decline in the production of testosterone also lowers libido or sex drives.

How to Increase Female Libido:

There are some natural solutions to trigger sex drive in women:

Exercise- One of the best ways to improve libido is regular exercises. This improves blood flow in your body. Less blood circulation is a main cause of sexual problems. You must get physically active; go out for a brisk walk or a run.

Decrease Stress- The state of your mental well being plays a vital role in influencing your sex drive. Try to decrease stress and stop getting disturbed about little things. Practice deep breathing exercises to ease out stress. Reducing stress is great for your libido.

Natural Supplements- Such supplements are almost needed now. They can improve your libido and make you enjoy sex.
Natural or herbal are formulated using tested herbs that not only boost blood flow to the genitals but also help increase the production of sex hormones.

One of the most vital features of such natural supplements is that they are safe and completely free of side effects. Check website to know more http://www.erbolab.com/elax.php

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Natural penis enlargement

Monday, July 2nd, 2012

What would make a man happy besides those expensive cars? Being blessed with a large penis, of course! A guy would go to any extend to increase his penis size. No matter how small he is in stature or status as long as he has a large penis, he is guaranteed to be brimming with self confidence. Let’s face it, every man gives sex a lot of importance and pleasing and amazing his girl is like an accomplishment. That is why having a big penis is considered so vital.

Natural and safe penis enlargement is mostly preferred by a large number of men these days. Scientific studies have proven that natural penis exercises and a greater flow of blood through the penis will make it bigger. Although there are various other ways to boost the size of your penis in the form of surgery or penis pumps and vacuums, they are a lot pricey. Health wise too, it is not the best way to increase your penis size as there have been considerable evidences of negative and nasty side-effects which inhibit sexual performance.

The safest and most efficient way to make a penis bigger in length and girth is through natural exercises and potent herbs. Herbs work by boosting testosterone production and increasing blood flow to your penis. A good amount of blood flowing to the penis will make it longer and wider. The penis tissues acts work as a sponge that that grows larger and gets firm when it is filled with a good amount of blood. Hence gradually it stretches the penis skin every time, making it bigger and bigger.

Natural supplements pump a lot of blood to the genitals which is considered healthy as it is good for proper penile functioning. Proper penis exercises contribute to the enhancement process. Having the size that you always wanted is very much possible now with the advent of natural solutions. Going natural is the safest way to increase penis size.

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Ageing and Erectile Dysfunction

Thursday, April 5th, 2012

As men cross 40 years, sexual health starts deteriorating. One of the most common evidences for this is erectile dysfunction. The so-called mid-life crisis brings with it the common sexual ailment of erectile dysfunction.

Besides seeing a lot of other changes like hair thinning, lack of concentration, loss of muscle, and aggression, age also brings with it sexual problems. Men tend to sleep less, lose strength and gain weight. Fatigue is easily felt and much more changes are noticed.

However even though one cannot generalize that all men over 40 start noticing changes, however most men report sexual problems. Decline in sexual health is caused due to low testosterone. This brings down sex drive reduces one’s ability to perform well in bed.
The phase is also referred to as ‘andropause’ – the male version of the menopause. The gradual reduction in testosterone makes men lose the libido.

Testosterone is the hormone that gives a man the aggression. Besides it is also responsible for his sexuality, fertility and all other attributes that gives him the feeling of manliness. As the production of testosterone decreases, all of the attributes of manliness also star to decline.

One can reduce the effects of andropause by making a few changes. Give special emphasis to your diet, reduce alcohol and tobacco intake, and lead an active lifestyle.

If you are facing mid-life sexual problems like weak erections, natural supplements can help you get over your issues with ease. Maintain your sexual performance even as you age. Get stronger erections without side-effects. Check website to know more http://www.erbolab.com/ergo-v.php

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Herbal supplements for the liver

Wednesday, February 8th, 2012

Liver is an important organ that plays a key role in digestion and body metabolisation. Any kind of liver malfunctioning disrupts bodily mechanism. Liver damage should be treated at its earliest as then as the disease advances it gets difficult to recover from it.

The liver secretes bile which plays a key role in the digestion of fats in our body. Hence causes of the digestion problems as usually linked to liver damage. Alcohol consumption is one of the major causes of a large number of liver problems. In certain cases, liver problems can be heredity. Liver Cirrhosis is the disease caused due to alcohol abuse.
Natural supplements for the liver is great for protecting your overall health. Such medicines are purely formulated from natural extracts that will help protect your liver from the harmful effects of chemicals and toxins. The liver tissues which are damaged due to alcohol or other chemicals will be brought under control by the herbal composition of natural liver health supplements.

Herbal liver health supplements are great for your digestive system. They are free of side effects or allergies and will cure your liver problems naturally. The exotic and unique compositions of various herbs are described by ancient people in Ayurvedic texts. They have additional benefits of increasing your body’s metabolic rate and the overall health of your body. A lot of people today prefer using herbal liver health supplements because it’s safe and naturally effective. A lot of these medicines also come with a money back guarantee that assures complete liver health without any side effects. For more information on natural liver supplements, visit the website http://www.erbolab.com/erboliv.php

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How to produce more semen volume

Tuesday, October 18th, 2011

If you are concerned about the quantity of your semen when you ejaculate, you should know that there are several natural ways that help in naturally increasing your sperm and semen production.

Natural Solutions for better Ejaculation

Keep your body well hydrated – Maintaining hydration is one of the effective ways to consider. You can produce a greater sperm count and volume as well as ejaculate a larger amount of sperm. Without proper hydration, the quantity of semen produced will fall down. It is essential consume a minimum of eight glasses of water on an everyday basis. If you are into gymming and exercising then you need to increase your water intake to more than eight glasses as you tend to sweat out more.

More of Zinc – Getting more zinc into your body is another effective way to improve semen volume. Zinc is essential for the growth of the male sex hormone Testosterone. A deficiency in zinc will usually reduce ejaculation which will then bring about fertility problems.
Various scientific studies and tests have confirmed that zinc rich supplements will help you increase the volume and count of your sperms naturally.

Herbal Sperm Enhancers – Such natural supplements are very helpful. They are a great mix of amino acids like l-arginine, l-carnitine, etc, which are important to achieve the desired sperm count without side-effects. Such sperm enhancers will help you increase your ejaculation volume by an incredible 500%. Besides, they also have additionally benefits. They promote hard and strong erections due to better blood circulation towards the penis region.

The best thing about such supplements is that they are free of any unwanted effects and being all natural they can be consumed without a prescription. For such reasons herbal remedies have grown greatly in popularity. For more details on natural ejaculation control solutions, visit the website – http://www.erbolab.com/perma-x.php

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Are You Facing Severe Constipation?

Thursday, October 13th, 2011

Severe constipation is a very uncomfortable situation. The symptoms of severe constipation will prevent you from indulging in daily activities and disrupts normal life.

The frequencies in bowel movements vary with different people. Facing bowel movements fewer than you normally would do, implies that you are experiencing constipation.

One common symptom of constipation is a bloated tummy where the stomach bloats up making it uncomfortable for your o fit into your normal pants. This results when your bowel contents are trapped in the intestines that start producing gas and make you bloat. Cramps are also experienced commonly. When the stools are present in your intestine for a long time, it gets harder because of loss of water content. This makes bowel movements very painful.

The major causes of constipation include a poor diet, low in fiber. Fiber is a very essential ingredient for a healthy digestive system. Thus, you should consume food that has lots of fiber. Besides exercising regularly (at least three times a week) is also very beneficial for a healthy functioning of the digestive system. At the same time, dairy products worsen constipation. So, one must limit the consumption of milk and cheese.

Now, let’s talk about the much preferred natural solutions to cure constipation. Besides, including a lot of fiber and increasing water intake, one must also take daily dietary supplements specifically designed to fight constipation.

Severe constipation is a severe problem and needs immediate treatment. You cannot ignore constipation as it can lead to hemorrhoids, anal fissures and even rectal prolapse. Now there is help in the form of natural supplements that treat constipation without side-effects. For more details, visit the website – www.erbolab.com/erbolaxa.php

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Can Hair Thinning be reversed?

Monday, October 3rd, 2011

There are proven evidences and facts coming from people who actually faced the problem of hair loss and thinning and then have totally reversed the condition today. You need to know the right way how to go about to reverse hair loss. There are many ways to grow your hair back and restore your joy and self confidence. Hair loss and baldness is caused by a number of different reasons and it is essential to understand the real cause behind your hair loss.

You first need to understand what has caused you to face baldness. Leading a stressful life is one of the main causes of hair loss. A simple way to handle this condition effectively is by practising moderate exercises and good relaxation techniques to help you overcome the stressful feeling. At the same time, indulge in some good food that will promote hair growth and stop hair from getting too weak.

People who lose hair at a very young age are in fact luckier as the chances of them reversing the situation are much easier than that in older people. Their hair loss is caused by factors that can be easily eliminated from their lives. For example dieting to a great extent is usually practiced by youngsters to get in shape, besides they also go to the extent of using harsh chemicals on their hair for getting a hair look that’s in these days. Hair loss is also many-a-times caused by the use of illegal drugs by teenagers.

Hair loss in most cases is a genetic health condition. In such cases prevention is the key. Avoid procedures which can harm your scalp. Frequent hair coloring and or using too much heat is very harmful and should be avoided. These days, the use of natural supplements is quite popular. They are proven to help people fight baldness and causing hair growth naturally. For more details on natural hair loss treatment, visit the website – http://www.erbolab.com/erbonax.php

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Psychological factors behind Erectile Dysfunction

Monday, October 3rd, 2011

Erectile dysfunction is a condition which results when a man cannot get firm erections to have a satisfying sexual intercourse. It is a very widespread sexual disorder with men and it is caused by a wide number of underlying factors, which are mainly either psychological or physiological.

Through this article, the prominent psychological causes of erectile dysfunction are brought to the forefront. First, we need to understand how an erection comes about.

An erection is caused with a combination of both psychological and physiological factors. A signal is sent to the brain when a man is sexually aroused. The brain then decodes this signal and sends signals to the nerves at the bottom of the spinal cord. These nerves are connected to the pelvic region and thus the signal gets transmitted to the penis. Consequently, the blood vessels then dilate to allow more influx of blood into the penile region. When the penile tissues and muscles are filled with blood, it causes an erection. The erection is sustained when the penis veins are closed so as to not allow the blood to flow away.

The process of attaining an erection is quite delicate. When there is a disruption in this process, the erection quality is considerably affected. The psychological causes of erectile dysfunction are equally prevalent in younger and older men.

Depression, excessive anxiety and stress are all apparent causes of erectile dysfunction. When one is stressed, a person tends to unconsciously lose interest in sex and thus may not become easily aroused. This is a temporary instance of erectile dysfunction.

The real problem starts when this condition tends to happen on a repeated basis, leading to erectile dysfunction when an erection is not achieved at all. If the cause of your erectile dysfunction is psychological, then you may seek help from a trained counselor or even with the help of one’s determination.

Common medical conditions that cause erectile dysfunction include heart-related diseases, high blood pressure, diabetes and the like. In cases of medical problems, the person does not find difficulty in getting aroused; however the problem arises due to restrictions in the flow of blood to the penis.

If you suspect that your erectile dysfunction is caused because of physiological conditions, there are hosts of treatment options available ranging from herbal remedies to synthetic pills.

There are also others ways of controlling erectile dysfunction that has been caused due to psychological problems. Some of them include relaxation techniques which involves the practice of yoga. There is also the option of using natural supplements that are free of side-effects to work around your psychology. One such pill which has been proven incredible in fixing erectile dysfunction is Ergo-V. All you have to do is just pop in a pill and notice bigger and hard erections within minutes. Also, it is all safe and has no reported side-effects. For more details, visit the website – http://www.erbolab.com/ergo-v.php

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Known Herbs that boost Fertility in Men

Friday, September 9th, 2011

How does one determine male fertility? The answer to this lies in factors like sperm count and sperm health. With a low sperm count come a host of problems like difficulty in impregnating your woman and infertility.

Essential Herbs that improve Male Fertility:

L-arginine – L’Arginine tops the list when it comes to the best known herb in enhancing male libido. It is an amino acid that plays a vital role in determining the sperm health. Unhealthy sperms bring about difficulty in fertilizing eggs. Not only does l-arginine help you in producing healthy sperms but it also promotes firm erections because it enhances the levels of nitric oxide in the body.

Zinc – The next most critical ingredient that your body needs as far as male reproduction and sexual health is concerned is zinc. Zinc is essential for the production of testosterone in the body which enhances sex drive and sperm production. Besides, it also boosts the semen level in the body.

Asparagus racemosus – Is an aphrodisiac and its root extracts exhibit anti-allergic activity and also has a beneficial effect on the male reproductive system. This herb helps in enhancing low libido and boosts overall sexual appetite.

Selenium – Selenium is another mineral that also enhances the quantity of healthy sperms. Low levels of selenium affect sperm mobility.

Saw Palmetto – Saw Palmetto is an herb that is very efficient in enhancing male fertility. It is also has benefits as a sexual stimulant along with solving low sperm count problems.

You can achieve optimum health benefits from these herbs by a mixture of all the herbal stimulants in one supplement. Natural supplements are composed of various herbs and nutrients in the right dosages. It provides a complete boost to male fertility and also promotes firm erections at the same time. Such natural supplements are very popular these days as they provide overall sexual enrichment without any side effects.

Find out more about the best natural supplement for sperm enhancement visit the website – http://www.erbolab.com/perma-x.php

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