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Get quality sleep the natural way with the amazing benefits of herbal sleep aid “Good Night Blend”…

Monday, June 28th, 2010

sleepSleep is defined as the “behavioral state marked by a characteristic immobile posture and diminished but readily reversible sensitivity to external stimuli.”

‘Sleep tight and wake bright,’ we have often heard it during our bedtime. But what if the very sleep that is supposed to be our stress buster eludes us for one or many reasons. Wish even we could fall asleep like others normal people?

According to the National Sleep Foundation, USA – Seven to Nine hours of sleep for adult humans is the best. The sufficient sleep boosts alertness, memory and problem solving capabilities, and overall health. The Researchers at University of Warwick and University College London has related the lack of sleep with cardiovascular diseases. The sleeping difficulties may also lead in weight gain, type 2 diabetes, hypertension etc. Many of the psychiatric disorders like alcoholism, and depression are also believed to be developed from lack of sleep. A normal sleep helps us to rest our mind for some time period. Whereas those people who find it difficult to close their eyes even for few minutes are called insomniacs. Insomnia is a popular sleeping disorder affecting around 64 million American’s.

Fortunately now there sleeping aids available to lead you to sound sleep and materialize the saying ‘Sleep tight and wake bright,’ Prescription sleep aids have been around for long time. Doctors have been long prescribing anti-depressants as the most accessible sleeping aids. Prescription sleeping aids work on the nerves and induce sleep. They don’t tackle the real sleep depriving factors. But the problem with prescription sleeping aids is the dependability that they bring about i.e. the user has to use this aid every time they want to sleep. Also the effects of such prescription aids may last for longer time which may cause drowsiness and indirectly affect the productivity by hampering the thought process. Most of these sleeping aids are costlier to afford. Natural sleeping aids tackles with the sleep depriving factors. They combat stress, anxiety by releasing sleep.

Herbal sleeping pills improves your quality of sleep significantly…

Good Night Blend is a completely natural and potent anti-stress medication eases muscle tension and agitation. This herbal supplement contains ingredients which have de-stressing properties. It ensures good quality of sleep for long hours. For more information on this product, visit its website http://www.erbolab.com/goodnightblend.php

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