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Lead a stress-free life With Herbal Solutions

Wednesday, February 1st, 2012

In today’s age and time, almost 80% of people suffer from stress. A lot of people just neglect it without doing something about it. Stress is caused because of many reasons; work pressure is one of the common reasons why people get stress. Too much stress is not considered healthy and can greatly affect one’s daily activities and lifestyle. It even creates faults in relationships with loved ones and family. Do not let stress create havoc in your lives. Bring about a change in your attitude naturally. There are various ways to fight stress. A lot of people think that stress cannot be cured through the use of natural medications, but they are wrong.

Prescribed medication is a way to beat stress, but a lot of people prefer to go the natural way, since they are free of side-effects. Besides natural medications, being physically active and exercising can also help you be stress-free. Moderate exercises for at least 30 minutes each day will help you relax your mind and body. Your mind remains calm and free of stress. Besides exercising, activities such as dancing, aerobics, weights, jogging, and swimming are also equally effective. You can choose the activity that keeps you happy.

If stress is giving you sleepless nights, its time you share your concerns with someone you trust and talk things out. Sharing your problems is a great way to fight stress as you get to view a larger picture from another’s point of view. Herbal solutions too are equally effective in treating your stress naturally. They are made from herbs which are renowned to treat stress effectively and safely. Allevia is one such anti-stress herbal solution that can effectively help you best stress. It is 100% natural and provides relief from stress, anxiety and depression. Being 100% natural, you do not have to be worried about the risks of harmful side effects. Allevia assures to bring about positivity in your life by releasing good hormones that will help you feel good about yourself and conquer all the negative feelings you have. For more details, visit the website http://www.erbolab.com/allevia.php

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Simple guidelines to minimize stress using Herbal Supplements

Wednesday, November 30th, 2011

The changing lifestyle trends and food habits have increased the stress and strain in the lives of people. People suffering from mental disorders are increasing in number. This leads to numerous health problems. Leading fast paced lives and the stress and strain people face in their corporate lives takes a toll on ones mental health. There are numerous solutions available to tackle such mental stress. There are mind relaxing techniques that prove to be quite effective.

Stress has become common in our society today. From our eating habits to our work load, all these factors increase the stressors in our body. Nevertheless, a lot of people are experiencing high stress levels to the extent that they neglect their lives, just to meet the demands of their busy schedules. When you ignore your body regularly the body gets sluggish and you feel exhausted all the time. This has led to the answer of having stress relief pills. There are many stress relieving pills and supplements available in the market. However, it is always good to choose natural pills over synthetic ones to keep your body and mind relaxed. A person undergoing mental stress will show mood swings and constant distractions. The synthetic pills available in the market may provide immediate relief but the life of such relaxation will be very short and side-effects are also very common in such cases. On the other hand, the herbal stress relief pills contain only herbal ingredients that relax the mind and body naturally without causing any harm on the body. They contain a favorable amount of herbal extracts that improves blood flow to all the major parts the body and thus keeps the mind stress-free.

Herbal anti stress pills are also very useful to people suffering from mood swings, they are safe and effective to lead stress free lives. For more details on natural anti-stress supplements, visit the website – http://www.erbolab.com/allevia.php

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Stress Relief Solutions to Fight Stress Naturally

Thursday, September 22nd, 2011

Stress is something that has been experienced by everyone at many points in their lives. The sweaty palms during an interview, headaches when you thick of certain uncontrollable problems, stomach disorders when certain exams are fast approaching and much; these are all instances of stress that have caused you innumerable bodily harms like sleep loss and decreased performance levels.

Age has no role to play in this; stress has dramatic impacts on the immune system. The reason for us being in stressful situations is the long prevalent affect the hormones body, which directly harms the immune system. A malfunctioning immune system shows effects like chronic constipation, acne, severe headaches, respiratory infections, colds and even long term health conditions like diabetes and heart diseases.

However do not let this bog you down as although you cannot completely ignore stress in your lives, it can be controlled today with natural alternatives that provide you the opportunity to live healthier lives.

Get Enough Activity Going on: Known for combating tension and anxiety, a moderate exercise regime will help people reduce stress levels to a great extent. Enroll yourself in an aerobic class, or if you do not have the time, simply practice a few basic breathing exercises; this goes a long way in helping a stressed individual fight his anxieties with ease.

Give your Body Rest: Rejuvenate your mind and body naturally, and the best way to do it is by getting adequate sleep. Although it is common to experience sleeping difficulties when your mind is stressed, experts suggest sticking to a steady sleeping plan where you go to bed the same time each night, avoid oily food or caffeine drinks.

Breathe Naturally: Learn how to breathe in the right way. Do so, by practising deep breathing exercises that stimulate the brain and body. Simultaneously, try to clear your mind and instead work on concentrating on a positive thought.

Share your anxieties: By bottling up negative emotions within you, it worsens the stress experienced. Instead surround yourself with positive and cheerful people. Speak out your worries to the ones you love most. The listening ear will offer you another perspective and will make you look at a problem from a wider perspective.

Finally, there are always herbal solutions at your help. These supplements are made of recognized natural herbs that work towards relaxing the mind and body in an all natural way. They are absolutely free of side-effects and are recommended today by stress therapists worldwide. For more details on pure stress relieving supplements, visit the website – http://www.erbolab.com/allevia.php

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What brings about stress in our lives…

Sunday, June 19th, 2011

People face different types of stress – common ones being stress that is for real and stress that is imagined. Real stress also known as the stressor occurs when your mind is upset or anxious about something that is a matter of fact. When you hear the telephone ring and the voice of the bank manager on the other end, your reaction is fear. It would occur due to a very real experience and the immediate result is fear.

Stress is more common in an urban setting as life gets a bit difficult and is fast-paced. Stress is a very negative emotion that can make people fall sick, depressed and face suicidal tendencies. They body gets too weak to fight diseases and bacteria. Health related problems can also be a cause of stress. Problems arising from accidents, injury, an illness or disease can also lead to stress.

We are responsible for causing stress in our lives. The more advanced lives we live the more stress we face daily. In order to eliminate or at least control stress in our lives we need to take certain effective measures. If you feel stress is beyond your control, there are various natural alternatives today that effectively target stress without harming your body negatively. For more details on natural anti-stress supplements – visit the website http://www.erbolab.com/allevia.php

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Awake Refreshed and Sleep with no stress with Goodnight Blend….

Friday, December 31st, 2010

goodnightIn all the hustle and bustle of modern day life, we have to strive each day to live a life that would keep you contented and happy. But in all this, we tend to neglect the very aspect of our mental and physical health. With greater work demands and continual family commitments, stress and violence has become a very common phenomena. All of which impacts a peaceful night’s sleep. It just gets so hard to quiet our always thinking minds. We then rely on drugs and resort to artificial ways to enjoy a few hours of good sleep. But is such a sleep really as good as thought to be. With the consumption of drugs, tobacco and alcohol, we are unknowingly or knowingly putting our bodies into greater risk. The need of the hour is to acquire a peaceful night’s sleep naturally, so that we may start the next day afresh with low levels of stress.

Today, various natural pills are made available that are composed of all natural herbs. It would induce sleepiness in an all natural way. The greatest advantage is that they are non-habit forming and the dosage would not cause any side-effects. So with natural pills you can relax and sleep well naturally.

Besides natural pills that is the easiest option available to get your daily dose of good, peaceful sleep; there are other natural ways to that require some dedication to bring out superlative results. Yoga and meditation should be practiced daily and it acts as an excellent way to deal with stress and insomnia naturally.

Discover an all natural way to attain a level of peace in your sleep that you never thought was possible. Try them for yourself and enjoy life to the fullest. Check website for more details – www.erbolab.com/goodnightblend.php

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Unrevealed Reality of Stress Relief Pills!!

Tuesday, April 6th, 2010

Stress is getting highly prevalent in our society today. Stress is defined as the emotional and physical response to pressures from the outside world. A certain level of stress in everyday life is normal. In fact stress in some ways enables us to cope with challenges that life brings. However excessive stress may leads to various health problems.

You cannot run from stress but yes you can reduce it by trying certain stress busters, stress relief techniques and methods. Though you can get rid of stress by yoga, meditation, exercise, counseling and through certain changes in your lifestyle, but stress relief pills may be a simple and effective choice for many people

There are a variety of stress relief pills in the market including Xanex, selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs), Zoloft, Paxil, Celexa, Luvox, Lexapro etc. These are prescribed stress relief pills which can only be taken after consulting doctor. Maximum prescription pills are reported to have certain severe side-effects and thus it is better to go for an herbal or natural stress relief medication. Herbal stress relief pills are completely safe and hence come without a prescription. Herbal stress relief pills in combination with the healthy lifestyle and diet helps you in managing stress in a better way.

Herbal stress relief pills have long lasting and permanent effect as they are made of highly effective and beneficial herbs that have incredible stress relieving properties. Allevia is one such herbal stress relief supplement that prevents the negative vibes of anxiety and stress. This herbal psychological supplement helps you to get rid of anxiety problem by acting on the Central Nervous System. Allevia natural formulation aids in relaxation and makes you feel emotionally stronger than before.

Now at this point of time a question must click to your mind that how this anti-stress supplement works. Allevia contains an effective herb Rauwolfia that acts mainly on stressed muscles and tissues. It is also helpful in controlling disorders like Psychosis, maniacal behavior, anxiety, excitement and schizophrenia etc. To know more about this perfect anti-stress supplement visit http://www.erbolab.com/allevia.php

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Negative and Positive Aspects of Stress!!

Saturday, January 23rd, 2010

Today’s life is full of hassles, frustrations, deadlines and demands. Thus stress is common for most of the people. Stress is nothing but normal physical responses to the events that make you feel upset and threatened. However stress is not always taken in negative terms. In some situations, it may help you to perform under pressure, motivates you, and gives extra strength to defend yourself.

Here given below are the types, causes, and symptoms of stress-

Types of Stress-
People mainly experiences 4 types of stress i.e.


It is a type of short-term stress that provides immediate strength. Eustress occurs at the time of increased physical activity, creativity and enthusiasm. It is a positive type of stress that arises when inspiration and motivation are required.
It is a kind of negative stress occurs due to constant readjustments or alterations in a routine. Distress gives rise to a feeling of discomfort and unfamiliarity. Moreover distress is of two types:

• Acute stress: – This type of stress appears and disappears quickly.
• Chronic stress: – This stress is a prolonged stress which exists for weeks, months or even years.


It occurs when an individual is subjected to a situation beyond what she or he can handle. Thus when a person is hyper-stressed, even small things can trigger a strong emotional response.


It occurs when an individual is bored or unchallenged i.e. a factory worker or a bank clerk who performs repetitive tasks might experience Hypostress.

However the ability to tolerate stress depends on certain factors including your relationships, your attitude and outlook towards life, sense of control, support network, emotional intelligence, genetics etc

Causes of Stress:-

Stress arises due to certain factors which are either external or internal i.e.

External factors causing stress:-

• Financial problems
• Relationship difficulties
• Children and family
• Work
• Life changes

Internal factors causing stress:-

• Lack of assertiveness
• Pessimism
• Unrealistic expectations
• Perfectionism

Signs and Symptoms of Stress:-

Cognitive Symptoms:

• Concentration problem
• Poor judgment
• Memory problems
• Worrying constantly
• Always seeing the negative aspects

Emotional Symptoms:

• Irritability
• Moodiness
• Inability to relax, agitation
• Feeling of loneliness and isolation
• Depression

Physical Symptoms:

• Constipation or diarrhea
• Nausea
• Dizziness
• Chest pain
• Rapid heartbeat
• Lack of sex drive
• Pains
• Frequent colds

Behavioral Symptoms

• Irregular sleeping habits
• Bad eating habits
• Neglecting responsibilities
• Smoking, alcohol consumption
• Nail biting, pacing
• Staying in isolation

Dealing with Stress:-

You can overcome stress either by practicing yoga or meditation. However if you are looking for an easy way out which requires minimum efforts from your side then you can try some herbal supplement i.e. Good night blend. It is a completely natural and potent anti-stress medication eases muscle tension and agitation. Good night blend gives you mental and physical strength. This herbal supplement contains ingredients which have de-stressing properties. It ensures good quality of sleep for long hours.


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Natural Aid to Get Rid of Stress!!

Thursday, January 7th, 2010

According to the recent research, every 1 out of 2 individuals suffers from stress now days. Stress is an unavoidable part of life which makes a person constantly nervous and depressed. In most of the cases stress results in emotional and physical disasters however in some it motivates an individual to achieve higher goals. Stress is defined as a personal emotional and physical response towards pressure from his environment or from within himself.

Stress is mainly of 4 type’s i.e.

 Eustress: – A positive type of stress which occurs during motivation or inspiration i.e. at the time of creativity, eagerness and physical activity

 Distress: – When there is continuous change or readjustment in a routine, a negative stress arises which is known as distress. It results in discomfort and embarrassment. Moreover distress is of two types:

Acute stress: A powerful type of stress that appears and disappears quickly. Acute stress occurs for a short period of time.

Chronic stress: This type of stress occurs for weeks, months or even years.

Hyper stress: – Hyper stress arises when a person is forced to handle things beyond what she or he can handle. In such situation, even small things may trigger a powerful emotional response.

Hypo stress: – It occurs when an individual feels bored or unchallenged.

Stress and Health

Stress has a deep impact on an individual’s health especially in case of chronic stress. A person suffering from chronic stress experiences constant headaches and increased sensitivity to cold. Some of the other stress-related illnesses include:

 Heart diseases
 Migraine headaches
 Hair loss
 Depression
 Peptic ulcers
 Sexual dysfunction
 Obesity
 Ulcerative colitis
 Anxiety disorder

Stress Management

In order to get rid of stress, stress management is required. It can be controlled by some of the following practices:

Sleep Properly: To stay healthy and fit a person should take a sound sleep for 6-7 hours per day. It will help you to reduce stress significantly.

Yoga: Meditation or yoga improves overall health and makes a person more calm. So, whenever you feel depressed, you should try meditation.

Herbal medication: These medications are BEST to try as they are completely safe with no side-effects. Numerous herbal anti-stress supplements are available in the market with an iron clad money back guarantee that ensures their effectiveness like Allevia. Allevia aids in relaxation by combating anxiety. Its all natural ingredients improve concentration and reduce mood swings. Allevia will make you feel emotionally and physically strong.


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Anxiety and stress – try herbal supplements

Tuesday, March 24th, 2009

The economic crisis and work can bring high level of stress.

This year is probably one of the most stressful years in the last decade. The economic crisis is challenging almost everyone, and this is going to bring stress levels at a risk zone. Being stressed could cause anxiety problems that can exasperate our life style

Always more often doctors prescribe herbal aids to help alleviate stress and anxiety, avoiding this way the risk of side effects that have chemical drugs.

Studies have demonstrate that some special herb extracts have wonderful effects on anxiety and stress, and in some cases those special herbs are as useful or even more than chemical medicines, but without side effects. Most people don’t know this, and run to the pharmacy buying heavy drugs to beat stress and it’s effect.

Said this, we have to state that there are many (more…)

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